Meet Aaron Tupaz

 Aaron Tupaz is a Creative Entrepreneur helping individuals, businesses, brands achieve theirs goals in the areas of wealth, health, relationships and happiness using effective whiteboard animations.

Aaron with his background in Psychology and Computer Science has been motivating and brainwashing people to success with his Infinite Loop System, helping individuals obtain endless motivation and maximizing their productivity

His Work has been recognized by Valuewalk, Sunny Skyz, LifeHacking and Medical Daily.

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What People Are Saying About Aaron

Aaron is no doubt an intelligent bloke. I first found him and his YouTube channel whilst surfing a YouTube forum over at He understands the power of taking charge of your life and shares that with the world through his animated videos. – Brandon Nankivell of One Percent Better

I watch every new video Aaron puts out and always learn something new. I recommend that all my clients and friends watch his content. – Adam Torres, author of Money Matters

Aaron has amazed me with his determination, persistence, dedication, and brilliant new concepts/ideas in the world of affirmations and positive thought. I love his books and what he does so much that I gladly forward his posts out to my fans, followers and subscribers. – Tiffany Tee Ballard co-author of The Road to SuccessVideo Testimonial